Happy Third Anniversary Victoria-Tate!

Three years ago when I started Victoria-Tate and asked some of my closest and most talented friends to be part of it I had this vision in my head of exactly how I wanted it to be.

We all have such fresh and different perspectives, and all of us have had such different lifestyles. I wanted different voices to come together to empower women by talking about our individual relationships, journeys, and our struggles.

Victoria-Tate.Com has been an amazing outlet for each of us in these ways and so much more. We have all changed a lot and grown in the past three years. Relationships statuses have changed, we have moved cities, switched careers, bought houses and had babies. We have gotten older and gained new perspective. Through it all we have shared with you our ups and downs. Sometimes it has been light, informative and fun. Other times it has been incredibly intense and personal. Our dedication to sharing our experiences through this website remains just as strong. Having this outlet is an amazing joy in each of our lives.

Last year was crazy, but I am learning to go with the flow. I took a long break from writing and editing to focus on my pregnancy and mental health and I missed it dearly. My friends and fellow writers stuck by my side and I am determined to honor their commitment by making this our strongest year yet.

I am thankful to each and every one of our readers and followers who have stuck by our side throughout all this time. We hope you continue to read our rambles and our advice and that you enjoy all our new content this week!

– Elizabeth Price