Celebrating The First Day Of Fall: Let’s Talk Colors

Holy shit it’s me! Yay!

The style chick finally talking about style because it is the first day of fall!

For much of the US, autumn is an actual season. But I live in Houston, Texas, where the weather is awful and inconsistent and we we don’t actually get a true fall.. Our “fall” consists of mostly 89 degree weather, a tad bit in the 70s (if we’re lucky) and a “winter” in the 50s and 60s with a random day of below freezing thrown in there somewhere.

Now I may have been born in spring but there is something about fall that just screams my name. I love this season and the fashion colors and options that come along with it. The browns, tans, coppers, mauves, grays and slate are just better than best. Fall is MY season.

My green eyes, dark hair and attitude were made for autumn and all it’s glory.

However, we have a bit of conflict. Like I said, here is Houston fall is hardly even a thing. So, like clockwork, the subject of when is it appropriate to dress for fall in a state that has roughly 2.75 seasons, comes up at the end of every August. To me, it’s when fall officially starts!

I am not a huge fan of our stinky, sweaty, mosquito driven summer so I choose to start blocking those heinous June/July/August memories by beginning to wear fall colors after September 22nd, the first official autumn day. Of course, in temperature appropriate versions.

Not too surprising there are always those people who will disagree with me. Those “endless summer lovers”. But come on! Just because it doesn’t feel like fall, doesn’t mean we should miss out on it. Even if you somehow don’t love pumpkin spice (never trust someone who doesn’t like pumpkin spice), falling leaves and extra gorgeous sunsets; you shouldn’t ruin it for the rest of us.

It’s better than Christmas if you ask me.

-Lisa Laurenzo