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Seriously though, if you think that you DON'T want to contact Victoria Tate (me), consider the following questions:

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  • Do you have an embarrassing question to ask? We can feature your question anonymously on Ask Tater Tits to return your sanity.
  • Are you a fellow soldier in the service industry? Have you had a bad customer experience to share? Let's feature it under Functioning Adult Problems!
  • Do you have good advice on how to live cheaply? Are you so good at pinching pennies that they shine like gold? Enlighten us in Functioning Adult Problems.
  • Do you have a success story from our Be Less Ugly column? Or do you have a trick that you HAVE to share, for the benefit of the world?
  • Do you have a comment or concern about my rambles? Enjoy a laugh at my expense in Rambles by Tater Tits, and tell me about it. Laugh with me.

This blog is about community, and community isn't happening if I'm here babbling by myself. Love ya.

-Victoria Tate